About us

Association of Capital Market-Oriented Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises e.V.

We give capital market-oriented SMEs a voice so that they can concentrate on succeeding in their day-to-day business.

What do we represent?

We are particularly committed to improving the relevant framework conditions for SMEs in capital market financing. We actively represent your interests in the dialogue with politicians, legislative bodies, supervisory authorities, capital market institutions, interest groups and the public, thus exerting a positive influence before rules and laws have been passed.

Who do we represent?

SMEs with an interest in the capital market. By capital market-oriented SMEs we mean all companies that are already financing themselves via the capital market or intend to do so in the future. To become a member of Kapitalmarkt KMU (Capital Market SME) you can therefore be any company that is already listed on the stock exchange or is interested in the capital market as a complementary source of financing and does not exceed a market capitalisation of EUR 500 million or a similar scale. In addition, individuals can also become members if due to their work, their profession or any other participation in economic life, they can promote the goals of the Association. Other organisations or persons who advise capital market-oriented SMEs and are thus able to promote the objectives of the Association may also be accepted as sponsoring members.

Our goals

We want to make it easier for small- and medium-sized enterprises to gain access to the capital market as we are convinced of the advantages of financing via the stock exchange, also for SMEs. Up to now, small- and medium-sized enterprises were not represented in the legislative process, which in the past has often led to excessive and inappropriate regulation which in turn has made it difficult for SMEs to access the capital markets. We want to close this gap.

We give SMEs a voice and sit at the table when matters that concern them are being decided. To this end, we regularly publish opinions, attend hearings of the legislative bodies and supervisory authorities and try to influence public opinion through press releases and active press work. Our members have the opportunity to express their views and make themselves heard before each statement and each hearing.

Key information about the association

You can download a short profile of the association here


Do you have any questions about Kapitalmarkt KMU or are you interested in becoming a member? Our Board is at your disposal for all questions relating to the Association. Just get in touch with us. You can find an Application Form, our Articles of Association and the Membership Fee Rules here.