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Investor Matching Service

As an association that represents your interests, we know about the difficulties that small and medium-sized enterprises encounter when thinking about making their first steps into the capital market. This applies especially to so-called start-up companies. These companies frequently only have rudimentary internal structures in place in the areas of Investor Relations and Compliance because start-ups often focus on developing their business model from an operational perspective first. And even family businesses that have already been successful for many years are often initially unable to cope with the capital market requirements.

We can assist you as a neutral third party if you are in this situation and you are planning to push your growth and broaden your financing structure for the first time by procuring equity or debt capital via the stock exchange. You can take advantage of our support and assistance by participating in an exchange of information at one of the events organised by us or, more informally, at any of our General Meetings. Please feel free to make use of these invaluable networking opportunities to further your own business needs.

In this regard, we are delighted that we have been able to recruit the services of Alexander von Preysing, who can provide you with individual assistance. You can turn to Mr von Preysing as your first point of contact in our association free of charge. Mr von Preysing, who was a member of the core team responsible for establishing the so-called New Market – Europe’s leading technology market at the end of the 1990s – has excellent knowledge of the start-up scene in German-speaking countries. Further information about Mr von Preysing is available via LinkedIn at: .

If you are a fast-growing, non-listed medium-sized enterprise and interested in obtaining capital market financing, or if you currently wish to find out whether an IPO or IBO would be a viable option for your enterprise, please do not hesitate to contact Mr von Preysing.

By providing capital market expertise, we would like to support SMEs and start-ups already early on at the preliminary stage and, where necessary, can put you in contact with suitable contacts via Mr von Preysing (Matching Service). Our Matching Service offers you the opportunity to make direct contact with capital market investors and thus allows your company to make its own evaluation as to whether capital market financing is a feasible option. Companies can decide for themselves by learning about the requirements and general investment criteria of capital market participants.

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Please note: The Investor Matching Service takes place prior to any capital market financing, at a stage when concrete investment offers have not yet been made. Neither Kapitalmarkt KMU nor Alexander von Preysing will provide any financial services within the meaning of the German Banking Act (KWG) – in particular, investment broking, contract broking or investment consulting services pursuant to Sec. 1 (1a) sentence 2 German Banking Act (KWG) – as part of this Investor Matching Service.